Tuesday, July 6, 2010

African Lion Safari

We went to the African Lion Safari on Friday. This has been on our list of things to do in Cambridge since we first started talking about our trip. Every Saturday we've planned to visit has been rainy, though. So this was our first chance, and it was worth the wait!

We were arrived just in time to see the Elephant Swim. A group of 7 or so elephants filed past us, trunk to tail and walked down a ramp into a large pond. They swam around the perimeter of the pond, stopping for photos right in front of us. The elephant trainers stayed nearby as did a dog that had be specifically trained to keep the elephants in the water.

We got to attend the Elephant Round-up which was probably my favorite part of the whole day. These animals put on quite a show! It was so fun to watch; the kids enjoyed it just as much as Jason and I did.

Ellie and Jason even got to ride an elephant! Ellie was very brave. She had a moment of anxiety when the trainer was lifting her up onto the elephant, but after that she enjoyed every second of the ride.

Included in the admission price is a boat ride and a train ride through large areas of the park. We got to see several species of birds, some different kinds of monkeys, camels, elk and several other large animals. Ethan was in heaven!

when it got too hot we hung out in the Discovery Centre for a few minutes. Ellie told me afterward that this was "not the coolest part of the day". She seemed enjoy it while we were there:

They also have the largest splash pad I've ever seen. I'm convinced this activity is what made it so the kids could be happy the entire day. Ethan went down this slide countless times, splashed in all the fountains and crawled around in the water non-stop.

Ellie ran from slide to slide, splashed, swam, made friends and completely wore herself out.

Once we'd had enough of the water, we drove through the safari. We got to see many animals up close, and we all loved the novelty of being in the car while the animals roamed free.

Lioness (there were several other lions lounging around in this same area).

This ostrich gave our windshield a very hard peck. It was trying to eat a paper that was on the dashboard. While it wandered around our car, Ethan kept yelling, "Whoa! Dir! (That's how he says Bird) Whoa! Dir!"

In most of these pictures I did NOT use the zoom.

This was absolutely the experience of a lifetime for us! I am so glad we were able to have good weather and enjoy this day together. Riding the elephant is something Ellie will remember for the rest of her life. Ask her to fill you in on the details next time you see her. Her account is really cute!


  1. How cool!!! What amazing pics. -I love Ellie's lion face pic, by the way. LOL.

  2. I'm SOO jealous! That looks like so much fun. Next time you go to Canada I want to come!