Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toronto Adventures

On Monday we headed back into Toronto . The Toronto Zoo is the 3rd largest zoo in the world, and we picked a fantastic day to enjoy it. The weather on Monday was perfect for tromping through the zoo. We shared a wagon rental with our friends, the Cornias, and Ellie ended up pulling Sophie most of the day. It kept them both happy.

Conner the Caveman, Ellie the Lion, and Sophie the Cat.

Ethan was enthralled by the lions.

Ellie the Rabbit.

Ethan in the sand box.

Gavin, Sophie, Ellie and Ethan,

And Conner wanted to jump in for this one.

After the zoo our family took a ferry to Toronto Island.

We had dinner at a restaurant on the island, and then explored until we found a beach. There is a clothing-optional beach on Toronto Island, as well. We steered clear of that area. The beach we found was basically empty and we enjoyed the quiet and playing in the sand and very cold water.

During our exploring we also found a big fountain and the kids tossed pennies in. Ellie took her time contemplating her wish. This is after she made the wish; she's rubbing her hands together in anticipation of her wish coming true.

We don't have many pictures of me with the kids so while we were playing on the beach I asked Jason to take one. The kids had zero interest in making this happen. They were way too interested in the sand (which should not have been a surprise). This was the best photo we got:

Toronto is a beautiful city and we have loved being able to spend time there.
Rush-hour traffic is horrendous, but we stayed late enough on Monday to miss it completely.

We were also reminded of an important lesson : The key to our family having a successful, long happy day of sightseeing and adventure is a backpack full of snacks. Makes all the difference in the world! We were very successful on this trip and are looking forward to more.

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