Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here are some random happenings over the past week.

Ethan now insists on washing his own hair. He must do any and all scrubbing once the shampoo is on his head.

Ellie made a cardboard sword, shield and name tag so she could be Ellie the Knight.

We found a really cute temporary violin teacher for Ellie here in Cambridge. She and Ellie have hit it off and Ellie looks forward to her lesson each week. Of course, she's no Aunt Mindy but we've been really grateful to have her while we're here. Here is Kristi playing knights with Ellie after her last lesson.

Ellie loves playing the violin and gets it out multiple times a day to give us little concerts.

I love this picture of Ethan eating his jam sandwich at the park today. He was enthralled by a huge lawnmower but couldn't stop munching while he watched.

I was reminded this week how closely little ones watch their parents. For the past month Ethan has been observing us open the doors to our hotel room, the swimming pool and hotel courtyard with our key card. He got his hands on a key card and tried to put it to use. He slides the key card through the crack in our front door (almost like when you swipe a debit card) and then
jiggles the door handle, expecting it to open.

He actually can open the other doors in our apartment. And he's started climbing up on things so he can jump off. We're in for it!

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  1. Oh the adventures you're having sound like so much fun! I love the glazed over stares!