Sunday, June 13, 2010


As a parent I have had many proud moments. Yesterday was among the best on my list. The ward we've been attending here in Cambridge had a talent show last night. I asked Ellie if she wanted to play her violin and she said she'd love to. I was surprised by this because she's normally very hesitant to get up in front of people.

When we got to the church we discovered she'd be the second person to perform. About halfway through the first performance she leaned over to Jason and told him she didn't want to do it. I couldn't hear very well what they were saying but figured that either Jason or I would just need to go up on stage and explain that she had stage fright and didn't want to play. I was sure everyone would understand. She's only 5 after all!

After a minute Jason leaned over to tell me they'd worked everything out. She was scared to play, but it would make her feel better if Jason sat on the stage when it was her turn to go up. Of course when they got up to go on stage, Ethan tagged along. So please excuse him distractingly yelling, "Ellie! Ellie!" while she's playing. One time he came and asked me to pick him up and promptly put him back down, which is when the camera gets shaky.

Watching Ellie up there made both Jason and me teary. She was absolutely terrified, but she got up there, she did her best and played really well. Have you been able to experience this with your kid(s) yet? When they surprise you by doing something hard so much better than you anticipated they would?

My little mommy-heart bursts with pride every time I watch this video.

ps--Ellie has been very homesick lately. She checks with the front desk to see if she's gotten mail every single day. If you have a minute to send her an email or postcard it would absolutely make her day! (We're working our way through our postcard list, too. So be watching your mailbox for something from us!)


  1. Yay, yay, yay! Ellie sounds GREAT!

  2. Wow! I am very impressed. She did great. I had no idea she was getting so good. Congrats Ellie. Very sweet.

    Brooklynn just got Ellie's postcard and was so excited. She found a bunch of stuff she wanted to send Ellie back. (including one of her baby pictures. Silly Berkie) Don't worry we won't send a bunch of junk. So hopefully in the next few days we will send something.

  3. Hi Ellie!

    Grandma Hillman and I just watched you play for the talent show and we are SO proud of you! You did great! We are glad that you were brave enough to stand up there and play so well. Thanks for sharing your talent with others. We love and miss you.

  4. Yay Ellie!!!! She sounds awesome..."Go Tell Aunt Rhody" right? That's so wonderful she got up there to do it! Hooray!

  5. Ellie, you're awesome! It's not a easy thing to do and most adults are too scared to even try so you're way ahead of the game! Congratulations on your brilliant performance!

  6. I under stand what you were feeling. Minutes before your first Sac. mtg talk, I made a similar deal to take you hiking up Rock Canyon.I'm sure you'll have a gafwillion more moments just like this on.It's the payoff for the difficult ones.