Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CN Tower

On Saturday we went to visit the CN Tower. It is the tallest building in the world and is a TV/Radio antennae in the heart of downtown Toronto. We got to go up to the Look Out area 1136 feet above the ground.

There is also a glass floor at 1122 feet. That's 113 stories, people. Jason had no problem walking out onto the glass (notice his silly toe shoes in the above picture). I felt fairly squeamish but did it anyway. Ellie utterly refused until she decided to show her friend Connor that he didn't have to be scared. And Ethan absolutely hated it. He'd scream "No, no!" if Jason ever tried to put him down.

Here's an interesting reference point for how high we were: this shot is looking down on Rogers' Baseball stadium. Baseball fields are not small, but this one looks pretty tiny.

View of Toronto from the tower.

Last week another BD employee and his family joined us here in Cambridge. They'll be staying for the remainder of the time we'll be here. They have 3 kids, Connor (9), Sophie (5) and Gavin (1). We've enjoyed getting to know them and visiting the city with them over the past few days. Ellie has absolutely loved having their kids close by. She has really been missing her neighborhood friends lately!

Ellie and Sophie at the base of the CN Tower.

We loved these funny baseball fans on the side of Rogers' Stadium.

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