Monday, May 24, 2010

Wings of Paradise

We went to Wings of Paradise, a butterfly conservatory, on Saturday. You may remember that the Hogle Zoo had a butterfly exhibit a couple of years ago. Every time we went to see the butterflies we left feeling a little disappointed-- there just was not much to see. That was not the case at Wings of Paradise!

We were able to see hundreds of butterflies; they were active and flying all around.

They had great exhibits on display as well. My favorite was hundreds of real butterfly chrysalises and moth cocoons (shown above). If you stood there long enough, you'd be able to watch an actually butterfly or moth emerge. We saw several with newly-dried wings take their first flight.

One of them really liked me:

He ended up crawling over my shoulder and getting stuck in my hair. We got the confused fellow onto a nearby tree after some teamwork. He was hanging on tight! (Yes, it was very humid and I forgot a hair band).

Ellie got to feed the fish. For some reason she insisted on wearing her shirt backwards for most of the day on Saturday. When I asked her why she said, " Just because."

There was also a small table set up for kids to be able to touch and study butterfly wings and chrysalises, as well as learn more about their life cycle, compound eyes, etc. which I thought was a fantastic idea. Ellie loved this spot and kept coming back to it.

After our adventures it was nice to come back home.

Ellie read a new book and was so into it that she didn't even seem to notice me taking pictures of her.

Ethan played with his cars. This has quickly become his favorite spot in our new place. He is perfectly content to drive his cars back and forth and over the edge for an hour at a time. I tell you, if I could have 10 more kids that were guaranteed to be just like him I'd do it! Jason might feel differently though...


  1. Wow! That looks like such a neat place. We sure miss you guys. xo

  2. Looks like the perfect place for an inquiring mind like Ellie's! Very fun!

  3. This places sounds so great! I love all the pictures!