Friday, May 28, 2010

"Want to be friends?"

At the park a couple of weeks ago Ellie was watching two girls her age run around and have fun together. I watched her watch them. After a minute or two she walked right up to the girls and said, "Hey! Do you want to be friends?" One girl replied, "Okay...well... we can't be friends with you... (at this point my heart broke for Ellie) unless we know your name!" Ellie said, "Oh, right! I'm Ellie." The two girls introduced themselves and Ellie turned to yell to me, "Mom! We're friends!" She gave me a thumbs up and took off with her new friends.

I have loved watching Ellie break out of her comfort zone to make new friends. She's always been a little withdrawn when meeting new people (not after she knows you though, yikes!) but over the past weeks she's learned to introduce herself and quickly find interests she shares with her new buddies. Typically that's age or the love of all things pink and/or fancy.

On Monday at breakfast we saw a cute little girl playing in the dining room of our hotel. She and Ellie watched each other while they ate and then Ellie went to ask her if she could play. We ended up spending the morning with this cute family originally from India but now living in Toronto. They were in Cambridge for Victoria Day.

Radhika and Ellie hit it off. We played in our room for a while and then went to the park. We were sad when they had to leave, but we're hoping to see them again before we come home.

And Ethan had fun too.

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  1. Ellie is such a miniature of you. A doll. It sounds like you have a cute social butterfly on your hands.