Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunday Stroll

On Sunday we found another beautiful hiking trail. It is different for us to find trails that are so flat. There are no mountains in this area. Ellie walked the entire way (close to 2 miles) with only one breakdown, and that was due to the fact that it was time to stop hiking. It was wonderful to not hear, "I'm tired! When are we done?" every few minutes.

We also met two of Ethan's criteria for a great walk:

Throwing rocks in the water (and clapping after each throw)

and discovering creatures. Ethan loves to point out every single bird or dog he sees, and we saw several of each on this hike. Plus, Jason spotted a bonus:

A fuzzy caterpillar!

Ellie held the caterpillar, but when it was his turn Ethan said "No, no!" and flicked it off his hand onto the ground. We're still working on being gentle with living things. He did admire it while Jason held it and we're pretty sure the caterpillar survived the fall.

We've been enjoying the gorgeous weather this week (a high of 25 yesterday! That's about 82 degrees F). I am feeling much more comfortable getting around the city by and have even been challenging myself to get home different ways when we go out. I did that yesterday and discovered what looks to be another fun trail that we're going to try out with some new friends today. Hopefully I can find it again!

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  1. All these gorgeous hikes you've been on makes me want to move to Canada. Are there AutoZones there?