Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 Years!

Yesterday was our 9th anniversary. We like to keep celebreations pretty simple anyway, but with our move to Canada it was even more laid back. We don't know anyone here well enough to ask them to watch the kids while we go out so we celebrated as a family with an ice cream cake from Cold Stone.

I went to get the cake yesterday and discovered they wouldn't take my visa debit card. (Who doesn't take VISA?! Lots of places in Canada, actually. I have to get used to getting cash...) I came back to the hotel to get cash and Ellie told the receptionist that it was our anniversary. We got the cash, bought the cake and went to pick Jason up from work. When we got back to our room after dinner there was a bottle of Chardonnay on ice and two wine glasses waiting for us with a little note wishing us a happy anniversary. We weren't quite sure what to do, but Jason ended up taking it back down to the reception desk, to thank them but let them know we don't drink alcohol. They apologized profusely and gave us a gift card to a local pizza parlor instead. We thought that was very thoughtful. They take good care of us!

Thank you, Jason, for 9 happy years. I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
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  1. Happy Anniversary!! How thoughtful of the hotel! I'm guessing we won't be seeing the same service in Georgia this summer, but I can always dream!

  2. What?!?!?! You gave the Chardonnay back to them? hehe I am so glad you enjoyed your ice cream at least (except for the part that you had to pay cash).