Saturday, April 24, 2010

What is happening...

to my baby?

Ethan is growing up so quickly lately, it seems. When we go to check on him at night he is no longer the baby sleeping on his tummy with his bum up in the air. Now he sleeps like this:

Where did this KID come from?

Every once in a while, when he's really tired, Ethan wants me to wrap him up in his special blanket and hold him like a baby. He'll say, "Awwww..." and let me snuggle him for a minute and then burst out with his big belly laugh and wriggle down off of my lap. He's in such a fun stage right now, but obviously I'm having a hard time letting go of our little "Peanut".


  1. It really is so hard letting them grow up! This is a great picture.

  2. Oh so cute! I love his hands behind his head. Cam has layed like that, but I haven't ever seen him do it in his sleep. So cute. It is hard. They are at a super fun stage, yet the baby in them in gone.