Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summering in Canada

I am a big Jane Austen fan. I love that she uses the word summer as a verb. Every time I read one of her books I get the urge to "summer" in Bath or London or some other English setting I've never actually visited and in a time long past (200+ years ago). But without the corsets.

Most of you already know that Jason has been travelling to Ontario a lot lately (every other week or so). We just received final word that his company will be paying for all four of us to spend 2 months here this summer! I am absolutely thrilled that our little family will be able to have this adventure together!

We will be leaving very soon and now it's becoming real to me. The hotel we'll stay in is very nice and has basically everything we need except our clothes. I am very much looking forward to a cleaning service, 2 meals provided by a chef daily and someone else doing my grocery shopping. I have been researching places to visit and what we'll do while we're there. The thing I am stressing about is the drive (we are driving so we can have our car while we're there). 1800+ miles in 3 days. Yikes!

(By the way, if you were wondering, Little One will not be going with us. She left this morning. We loved having her around but knew it would be short-term when she came so it hasn't been too hard of a transition for us.)

This is what I'm working on right now (one for each kiddo), with a few alterations: a felt piece on the back for the kids to play with flannel board pieces, and no zippers.

I like the idea of having activities separated into bags. It seems like that would help keep the car more organized, something of great importance to me since we'll be in the car for 29 or so hours one way. Oh boy.

Help! What do you do to keep your kids entertained on LONG car trips?


  1. Have fun! What a great idea- the bags and all. I made the car caddy since we are going to cali on a trip this summer. But here is the site that I copied it from look under cozy car cady I think!

  2. When I flew to Georgia by myself with my 3 little ones last fall we had the most success with lots of little things. Every couple of hours I pulled out a new bag full of new activities. There were a few things that worked fairly well... Silly putty was a classic, then there were these cute funny face sticker books that Noah entertained me with when he stopped using the faces in the book and put the stickers on his own face. I got them at walmart for $3. They had never seen bendarooz before (the wax strings that you can mold into things, also at walmart). I also introduced different fun sippy cups to them, that was entertaining in itself. That is all I can remember for now, but I wish you the best and know you'll have an amazing summer together. Good luck on the drive!

  3. I'm sad you're leaving and we still haven't played!

    One thing my kids LOVE are the CD's their grandparents and aunts and uncles made for them. They read popular books and recorded themselves doing so. They can listen to them with the books or by themself. They're great for after the trip too! (Our favorites are Put me in the zoo, are you my mother, and go dog go)

    Have fun!

  4. That is awesome and you will have so much fun. But we will definately miss you guys.

    So I have a few ideas. First I have a car organizer thing that goes over either the driver or passenger seat and has different pockets. It worked great for us on little trips. I will look for it and if I find it you can borrow it.

    When we were younger my parents did a game called Wheel of Fortune. They wrote all our names on a tire. Anytime we would make a stop whoever's name was at the top got money to spend on souveneirs. You could do any kind of prize or instead of their names have it say like a certain gift or car activity that you could get out and they could play.

    Those magnet doodles or the aqua doodles also work great. Both of my kids LOVE them and you can buy the small size or even a bigger size.

  5. Cookie sheets and letter and shape magnets, you can find it all at the dollar store. Lots of DVD's and coloring books. Good luck.

  6. What a great experience this will be for you. I want all the hotel ammenities too. Anyway good luck with the driving. I think changing out activities is a good, something new every so often. Dvd players are always nice, for a little break. Be safe and have fun!