Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Jason's parents held their annual Easter egg hunt yesterday afternoon. They have a fantastic color-coded system and did a great job hiding the eggs for different ability levels.

Ethan tromped around the backyard with Grandpa to find his eggs. He was not as enthusiastic as during our hunt in Park City, but I did hear him say, "Yayyyy!" a couple of times as he tossed another orange egg into his basket.

The prizes at the end were a definite hit with our kiddos. Ellie and Little One have been carrying their bunnies around all day today. Ellie has worn her glasses basically non-stop all day, too. She was pretty distraught this morning when I told her she couldn't wear them to church. "But WHY, Mom?". What do you think? Should I have let her wear them?

Mom and Dad, thanks for the fun afternoon and yummy dinner! And thanks especially for adding one child to the mix very last minute. Little One has been talking about the egg hunt all day. ( I wish I could post pictures of her. She's darling!)

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