Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're Boring

I feel like we've been very busy lately, but not with anything exciting enough to blog about. Here's a list of what we've been up to:

* Started a new school semester
* Working on a fantastic project with Jeff. It's a surprise, but I'll post about it when it's ready.
* built more shelves in our storage room. Happy Birthday to me! (I already had 2 sets of these shelves, but we really needed more and I love them!)
*Celebrated my 28th birthday on January 13th. I'm officially in my "late twenties"; it feels weird.

My birthday raspberry pie, pre-baking. I was too anxious to eat it to get a picture with the candles, etc.

Ellie told me that she wanted to "take" me bowling for my birthday. She was very confused when I told her it was so nice of her to offer to drive and pay for the outing. We did end up going, despite the fact that Ellie couldn't afford it. It was really fun and, as usual, I stunk.
You'd think that the bowling gods would have been in my corner since we were assigned the 28th lane on my 28th birthday. They were not. Jason and Ellie both beat me handily.

In my defense, Ellie used bumpers and the ramp. She also had her engineer-Daddy to line up the ramp with his typical precision. I had no such help...

* I have been going through all of our closets and the storage room (yay again for new shelves!) and getting rid of stuff. I so enjoy purging stuff that it makes me wonder how we accumulate SO much.
* Projects: organizing, working on my blog book from last year, copying photos from when I was growing up, knitting the kids warm hats, chasing after kids, etc.

* NOT sleeping. She is up several times a night and I can't remember the last time I got a full nights sleep. We have a couple of new ideas to try...hopefully they'll work!
*Craft projects galore. This girl is quite the artist! Here is a sun catcher she made this week:

It looks very pretty in our window with the sunlight shining through.

* Reading. All of a sudden Ellie's reading has taken off. She can read just about anything (with some help for new/big words) and is very proud. We're so proud of her, too!
*New reward system. Ellie is now earning an allowance. And because I am very forgetful and didn't want to worry about keeping track of what she earns, we did it this way:

It's a magnet board that hangs in our mud room. Each little tin has a magnet on the back and a job written on the lid, the money she earns goes inside the tin. She has jobs that must be done every day (on top portion of board) that are worth 3 cents apiece and extra jobs, usually one per day (on the bottom) that are worth 5 cents. She can check the board and see what needs to be done and get the money out to put in her piggy bank when the chore is done. I restock the tins with money each night. If Jason or I have to do one of her jobs, we take the amount of money she would have earned out of her bank. So far just threatening to do this is enough, we haven't actually had to do it yet. It's working really well, and she counts her money every day.

* Over the past couple of weeks, Ethan has gotten very steady on his feet. He wanders all over the house opening cupboards, rearranging shelves and throwing stuff on the floor. It seems like he's gone straight from toddling unsteadily to running!
* He's also fallen in love with some cuddly things:

Ethan adores his teddy bear, stuffed dog and "cold blanket" from Grandma Munk. He carries them around all day and won't go to bed without them. I did learn today that he can sleep without the stuffed animals, but not the blanket. He rubs the corner of the blanket on his face as he falls asleep. So cute!
*He continues to be our happy, sweet boy (and a great sleeper!).

Just in case you were worried about my lack of updates, now you know what we've been up to. Exciting, eh?


  1. How can you say you're boring! You're smashingly exciting! I love post like this, this is real life, and that's all that makes life wonderful!!!

  2. Love the new shelves. I am still waiting for my second set. I also like the job chart/allowance idea. 3 and 5 cents might not work on Jayci, but it may on Alex. I've gotta try it!