Monday, January 11, 2010

Want To See Something Weird?

I was going through some pictures at my parents' house today. I found this one:

As much as that may look like our sweet Ethan, it's not. That's my little brother David. Weird.

Here's Ethan at about the same age. It blew my mind.

I guess it was meant to be, huh?


  1. Yes, I'm sure it was meant to be, but to see those two pictures together was a little startling.
    Even David was a little surprised.

  2. Totally. Remember last year when I saw that picture of Ellie as a baby and asked if it was Ethan? Well it is meant to be. We get so many people telling us that Brooklynn looks like one of us or even like Cam. These special little kids are meant to come to us and to their sibblings. Ethan is such a doll. We sure love being around him and his cute smile.

  3. Oh my gosh that is really crazy!

  4. That is incredible!!! OF course that was in the grand scheme of things :-)

  5. Almost just as crazy as the pictures of David and Ethan is the mustache-less-ness of Dad. ;)