Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

We woke up this morning to muchas snow. Like, a good 8 inches on our driveway. When Ethan went down for his morning nap Ellie and I headed out to shovel. I am very thankful that before too long our good neighbor, who happens to own a snow-blower, came over to rescue us. We'd still be out there if it weren't for him. (Of course this huge snowfall has to happen when Jason is in Toronto for the week).

Not having to finish the driveway left us plenty of time to play outside.

We had big plans to make a snowman, Ellie had some pretty fancy accessories picked out. But the snow was not wet enough to pack, so we made snow angels instead.

By the way, here is a boy who loves his Big Sis. She was pretending to be a nurse and set up a hospital bed for Ethan on our ottoman. He just laid there and smiled and did what Ellie told him to. What a good brother!

It's snowed an inch or so since this morning. I guess Ellie will get her wish for a very white Christmas!

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  1. Ellie looks like a great nurse and Ethan looks like an even better patient.