Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"The Bad Guys"

Yesterday I received a voice mail message that I needed to call our bank to verify some purchases made with our debit card. Thinking it was nothing, I called when I had a free minute. Here is how the conversation went:

Bank: Did you purchase over $600 worth of software in Luxembourg on Saturday?
Me: Umm...No. I wasn't in Luxembourg on Saturday.
Bank: Did you make a donation to a charitable organization when you were in London yesterday?
Me: I wasn't in London yesterday.
Bank: We have reason to believe your debit card number has been stolen.
Me: It's weird that people would use stolen money to donate to a charitable organization, isn't it? I find that ironic.

After a few minutes we were able to get everything sorted out. Yes, my debit card was stolen but luckily that was the only thing. And it's an easy enough fix. I am just extremely grateful that our bank is fighting identity theft. They were so easy to work with and are taking care of everything. Explaining it to Ellie has been the hardest part of the situation.

Ellie was getting frustrated with me because the phone call took a while. She had been setting up a tea party for us and was having a hard time being patient. When I hung up I told her about what happened and why I was taking so long and she said, "Why would The Bad Guys want to take money from us?" It was a great opportunity for us to talk about people. People are mostly good. There are some "Bad Guys" in the world, of course. But I believe that the vast majority of people are basically good. I was able to point out the difference in "The Bad Guys" and the woman from the bank that helped me. She didn't know me either, but she was kind and helpful and did everything she could to make the situation right (granted, that is her job. But I have also talked to not-so-helpful/kind bank employees before).

Her positive attitude, understanding and helpfulness had a much greater impact on my day than the news that money had been stolen from us. It made me realize (as I need to do sometimes) that we all have control over how a situation affects us. I'm grateful for the reminder and promised myself that I'd look at other trials in a more positive light.

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  1. That's a good lesson for everyone. . .especially me! :) I'm sorry about the stolen money, what a pain!