Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silly-ness to remember

I didn't want to forget this:

This morning during breakfast we were making up silly songs, as we often do. Here is my version
(sung to the tune of "I Had a Little Turtle"):

I have a little baby.
His name is Ethan Clarke.
He is my little Peanut,
His hair and eyes are dark!

Ellie promptly chimed in, "Hey Mom! What about this one...
I have a little baby,
His name is Ethan Clarke.
I put him in the bathtub
To see if he could barf!"

She then giggled uncontrollably for several minutes followed by a prolonged, "Ewwww!". Why are bodily functions so funny to 5 year olds?

On a related note, I showed her how to spell shampoo last night and she said, "Shammmmpoooo. Like poo? Get it, Mom? POO!" and she erupted into giggles.

I'm seriously thinking of putting Mom Hillman's "No Potty Jokes!" rule into effect at our house.

(The picture is one of Ellie doing her famous "Ellie Dance" on her birthday. Silly girl!)