Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A conversation with Ellie

Today was one of those days with Ellie, she was sassy, out of control and driving me a little nuts. It doesn't help that both kids were up several times each during the night last night. That will set the background for this conversation. It takes place as I was getting Ellie ready for bed this evening.

Ellie: Mommy, can I stay up until 15 o'clock tonight?
Me: There's no such thing as 15 o'clock, sweetie.
Ellie: Can I stay up until 10 o'clock then?
Me: Nope.
Ellie:(whining) Why not?
Me: Because you'd have to take mommy to the insane asylum if you stayed up until 10 o'clock.
Ellie: (after a long pause) Hmmm...I don't even know where the insane asylum IS. I guess Daddy would have to take you there.

We enjoyed some books and she is now in bed. So, I can regain some sanity this evening while Jason and I exercise and relax together. Thank goodness for early bedtime!


  1. It might be a little sad, but the insane asylum sounds like a nice vacation. Pajamas all day. Someone brings you food (you didn't have to cook) on a tray.... Aahh..so nice...

  2. She is too funny!

    Also, I don't have your email address to send you our home address. . .and I would like to keep reading your blog too! Ben and I have had similar conversations and I think we may be going private soon too.

  3. Amen to the early bedtime thing! We have similar converations at our house.