Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day Airplane Extravaganza

Ellie requested to learn about airplanes this week for school. So we read all about Wilbur and Orville Wright and Amelia Earhart as well as how planes actually work. Ethan is absolutely fascinated by airplanes and immediately does the sign for airplane as soon as he sees or hears one.

Because of this fixation on airplanes at our house lately, we decided on a fun activity for Labor Day. We bought some glider kits, put them together and took them to a local field to try them out.

After a while, Jason and Ellie decided to try to fly themselves (they are using the wings from the large glider). Unfortunately, they weren't able to leave the ground.

It was, however, very entertaining to watch!

We then treated ourselves to ice cream cones. Ethan had surprisingly little mess when he was finished. Can't waste the goodness!

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  1. I was just randomly browsing your blog (I have a baby boy, too, I love seeing what other babies are up to!) anyway, I saw this picture and I think it was taken at Arctic Circle! I took Dawson there a couple weeks ago and I'm pretty sure that's what their bibs look like. Do you live in Utah too? So cool. (Yes, I'm easily amused at 11:30pm *lol*)