Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hair cut for Miss Ellie

Ellie has been begging for a haircut for the past several days. Her reasons were as follows (and they are very sound):

1) "Food gets in my hair all the time when I'm eating and I don't like it."
2) "When I play, my hair gets tangly because it's too long."

Yesterday, we finally went to get it cut. (She started begging us one evening last week, telling me that I could do it just fine. She told me afterword that she was glad we went to "some who went to school to learn to cut kids' hair. You don't know that stuff!")

The hairdresser cut off her ponytail and gave it to us as a memento, but Ellie snuck out during Quiet Time and took the hair band off. There was hair everywhere and I didn't even bother trying to keep it.

It looks darling, and is SO easy to do. So far we're both loving it. She told me people will think she's older, "like, a Kindergartner". I'm not ready for that. My baby is growing up!


  1. She looks so cute with her new haircut, but she's cute no matter what. Will she be in Kindergarten this year?

  2. Oh it is very cute. She does look older.