Friday, April 10, 2009

Exploration, Eggs and Frustration


We've been feeling a little cooped up lately, but we finally had a beautiful day on Tuesday and we took advantage of it. We decided to go "exploring" in field-ish area near our house.

Peanut hated it. Not really, the kid loves being outside. (Add that to the list of reasons why he fits in so well with us...) He kicked his legs the entire time and loved watching Ellie run around.

Come to think of it, I love watching Ellie run around too.

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She found some tiny flowers and picked a small bouquet. Normally I'm a stickler for leaving flowers, etc. where you find them. It's the Park Ranger in me. However, since we were in a field/ravine that is close to abandoned, and the flowers came from weeds, I was more okay with it.

I love these cute kiddos!


We also colored easter eggs this week. I read about a new method and wanted to try it out. I have to say, it was the coolest thing! You color on a hot egg with crayon and the wax melts. I felt like Ellie got to be much more involved than when we've dyed eggs in the past. Plus it's not messy. And since we've always got bits of broken crayon, I was happy to find another use for them. I highly recommend trying this!
They look pretty neat. (Those are egg holders that Ellie made/decorated out of toilet paper tubes.)


For those of you that remember, we had a court date yesterday. When we arrived we learned that due to some problems with paperwork (nothing big, don't worry), the hearing had been pushed back to May 6th. Nobody informed us or the caseworker, which was pretty frustrating. This doesn't change the outcome in any way. It just means we have to wait longer. We'll let you know how things go on the 6th.


  1. Cute eggs. Too bad I didn't see that before we did ours.

    I am sorry for the frustrations, I am learning (the hard way) that it is all in the Lord's time and not ours, even when you have something planned and/or something that you have guidance on, it is still in His hands, not ours.

  2. I'm going to have to remember that egg idea, that's awesome. I'm always up for things less messy. I'M the one who dumped over the whole container of yellow egg dye this week.

  3. I love Ellie's skirt-so cute! I think that this is the way we will do our eggs this weekend. I feel much better about Alex using crayons than dye.