Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wanna know who's awesome?

My husband. He's awesome. Not only was he willing to spend his Christmas bonus on an elliptical machine (which I will be the primary user), he also constructed an exercise room for me in the basement. I can't tell you how much I LOVE being able to get up earlier than the kids and go downstairs to exercise. It's wonderful and has made a huge difference in how the day goes around here. Let's hear it for not having to travel to the gym! Let's hear it for Jason! Hip, hip!

I love you, elliptical machine. Jason, I love you more.

Ellie decided on Sunday night that she was the Statue of Liberty.

She looks pretty good, doesn't she? We don't know where she came up with this, but I think she makes a darling Lady Liberty.

Here's a random cute picture of Peanut.

He's cooing and smiling a ton and loves it when Ellie and Cutie go to bed in the evening. That's when we're able to catch up on our one-on-one time. He's such a sweet little guy, and still sleeps really well.

Here's Cutie's new favorite past time. Our ceilings are 9 feet tall, so Jason is able to throw him pretty high (only a few times though, the kid is huge after all). Cutie was THRILLED when Jason threw him in the lobby at church on Sunday. He can get much higher there!

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  1. We've got the start of a gym in our basement too and I love it. I'm really happy for you. Enjoy it.