Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another busy week

Guess who has been sleeping through the night lately!

You've got it. Peanut! (Ellie, not so much.)Thank you, Peanut. We sure appreciate it!

On Fancy Friday, Ellie and I shared a lovely lunch:

She ate almost all of the deviled eggs and only left the celery for me. (I love that you can see her cute face reflected in the platter.)

I am in love with this next picture.
I was trying to get a shot of these two together and it never works to have them sit side-by-side. So I laid them both down on the floor. They laughed like crazy and I got this darling photo. Those kids have my heart!

My sweet cousin Amelia came for a short visit on Sunday evening. So good to see you, Mimi!

Here's a random cute picture of Ellie "reading". It's a good thing we're able to have so much fun during the day. Otherwise we might sell her to the gypsies at night. Sleep, child. Sleep!

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  1. Oh Heidi, I feel for you with the sleep thing! Jane is getting worse and worse. I wanted to cry this morning I was so frustrated and tired! I didn't think I was supposed to feel that way when my youngest is a 3 year old! Let me know if you find something that works!