Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Word Invention

Today Ellie and I were looking at a book called Out of the Deep. It's about all different types of sea animals. One of the pictures is a humongous giant squid which I presume is dead. It's laying on the floor of a lab and two smiling scientists are squatting next to it.

Here is our conversation after looking at this picture.

Ellie: What is that?
Heidi: It's a giant squid and those two scientists are studying it.
Ellie: It looks kind of like an octopus.
Heidi: Yep, kind of.
Ellie: Can an octopus be sciented?

It took me a while to figure out what she was asking. She wanted to know if scientists study octopi (Yes, I just said "octopi". I'm a nerd.). I love getting a glimpse into how her mind works. Word invention is one of the great traits of children, I think. Making up a word to suit your needs. I love it!

It reminds me of when my sister used to say that we had a dryer to dry our clothes and a "wetter" to wash them. Or the time we drove past the cemetery and she called it a "bury orchard". Four-year-olds are FUN!


  1. I agree, 4 year olds ARE fun! And your Ellie is one clever girl! I can't wait to spend a little time with her!

  2. So funny she has such a creative little mind!