Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend O' Fun

Our fun-filled weekend started with our Friday night tradition of Pizza and a Movie Night. It's so important that it must be capitalized. Ellie talked me into making a Santa pizza.

I can't get the picture to turn, and looking at it from this angle, I think he looks more like a pirate that St. Nick. It was the best I could do. Along with this pizza, we watched Horton Hears a Who. We love Dr. Seuss around here!

Saturday morning we went to our ward Christmas party. This was our attempt to get a picture of all of the kids with Santa. At least Peanut wasn't crying...the other two were.

Ellie did talk to Santa from a distance. She and her doll both gave him five.

This morning, Ellie busied herself for a while inventing a new soup. Originally she said she was making "apple sugar pie" but it eventually turned into apple soup. This reminds me of a saying of my dad's. He's an amazing chef and I've often heard him say, "how do you know what you're making until it's done?" He's good at making incredible meals without a plan. I am not. But maybe our budding chef inherited this characteristic from her grandpa.

Here is the recipe, in her own words (as well as I remember them, anyway):

"Put some hot chocolate in a bowl and you put in a little extra milk. Then you chop up some apples and just plop them in. Oh! And you add in bits of cookie dough. And that's it."

Ellie got herself a cutting board and a butter knife and cut up an apple into bite-size pieces. She got the cookie dough from the mixing bowl Jason had just finished using. She scraped out the tiny leftover bits and added them to her concoction.

And the verdict is...
We were both pretty surprised that she actually ate it. But she did, and she liked it. She offered some to Jason, and I was very impressed by his answer. He said, "Thanks for the offer, but it looks like there's just enough for one person." I don't think I'd have handled it so tactfully.

We also made crystal snowflakes. This was SO neat!

Jason gave both kids blanket rides this evening. This was Cutie's first experience with blanket rides. He enjoyed it. Prepare yourselves; coming up is the best picture taken of Ellie and Cutie together in the history of ever.

They are both looking at the camera AND smiling. And no one is crying. It's a Christmas miracle.


  1. That is a darling picture of Ellie & Cutie! The Santa pizza is awesome! You guys keep having fun. I love to see what creative things you come up with.

  2. We watched Horton Hears a Who with our kids too... and my son cried at the end. It was a first. He was so upset by them caging Horton that he cried himself it sleep. Heartbreaking!

    Kudos to you for allowing your daughter to make her own recipe. You are braver then I am!

  3. Those pictures are adorable!!!! Seriously Ellie looks Just like her mommy!!!!

  4. Wow that is awesome! Looks like a fun weekend. I love the pizza and of course Chef Ellie's soup. I have heard of those crystal snowflakes but never tried it. Good job!

  5. Sometimes checking your blog is dangerous for me since I'm pregnant and hungry all the time! You have the most delish food to look at on here! Cute kids too! :)