Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas time

I wanted to share some of my favorite memories of the Christmas season so far. Ellie loves to rearrange our many nativities. I usually find them in a position similar to this one:

With all of the figures, including the animals, gathered as closely around Baby Jesus as they can get. It reminds me where my heart should be during this busy time of the year.

At the end of November, we put together a daily activity advent calendar. I made little envelopes and then let Ellie decorate them using stickers and old Christmas cards. In each envelope I put an activity for us to do together. Some of them have included watching classic Christmas movies, making snowflakes, etc.

Today's activity was decorating our dining room window. Here are Ellie's darling Christmas trees. I love how artistic she has become. (Please don't notice how dirty the outside of my windows are!)
Here's Ellie with her lunch. I tried to make the apples look like ornaments. She's started into a fake-smiling phase. I hope that doesn't last long!
Cutie, as always, enjoyed his lunch. I could just eat that face, couldn't you?
Peanut spends most of his days in the Bjorn. This is the darling view I get to see whenever I look down. He's getting some cheeks, that boy!


  1. Of course he is getting cheeks, just look at his big rudder. They are so sweet.

  2. So fun. I was acctually going to put some of our fun traditions on our blog. So much fun. I love this season. Yes, cutie is adorable. I just want to squeeze his cheeks and rub his fuzzy cute head!

  3. You have the best blogs! Your boys are precious and Ellie is soooo YOU!!!! I love it! Miss you guys!