Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we get together with Jason's family. We were so excited to have Jeff and Mindy and their cute kids back for the festivities this year. (They have been living in Thailand for the last 2 years and we have REALLY missed them!).

We had a short musical program. Mom and Dad Hillman played.

And so did Luke.
Ellie recited "The Night Before Christmas". She does need a little help, but she has the whole poem memorized. The girl has an astounding memory!

Uncle Sam holding Peanut.

Sweet Jane and Peanut.
The kids dressed up like Shepherds and ate dinner on the " grass " (a green blanket). Jason dressed up like an angel and brought the shepherds glad tidings. They were surprised, from what I heard (I wasn't able to see of the rest of this part because poor Cutie touched the hot fireplace glass and I was attending to his little hand).

Jack, Ellie and Jane planned a nativity play all by themselves. Jack was Joseph, Ellie was Mary, Peanut was Baby Jesus and Jane was the shepherds, wisemen and angel depending on when you asked the kids.
I love this picture of Jack, though I'm not sure why he has a lampshade on his head. I don't remember that being part of the play!

We had a lovely dinner, exchanged gifts and the kids got new pajamas. It was a wonderful evening!

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