Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween festivities

On Thursday evening we carved pumpkins. Ellie was very into it this year, which is a HUGE change from past years. Before we carved, she decided the pumpkins were excellent drums.

We had two carving teams--Jason and Ellie/Cutie and me. I was happy with this arrangement, since Cutie gave all of the decision-making opportunities and artistic license to me. He was happy just playing with a piece of the pumpkin I carved out.

Ellie was excited to scoop out the goop and didn't make any faces about getting dirty.

Cutie soon lost interest in our project and decided to push a chair around the kitchen. He is SO close to walking, but just won't do it. He stands very well by himself if he's distracted. I'm sure it won't be long!
Here are the finished pumpkins:

Ellie and Jason's turned into a mixed-media piece. She decided it needed hair and that she needed to draw it on with a magic marker. She even drew a nose, since Jason "forgot" one.

Friday morning we enjoyed a special Halloween breakfast, skeleton face/hand toast and pumpkin milk (it doesn't taste like pumpkin, it just has pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar in it). Yum!
Here's Cutie banging away on a metal bowl.

He really likes his costume. Okay, not really. He screamed and cried every time we tried to put in on him. Then he'd lay on the floor in protest.

It reminded us of "A Christmas Story." Cutie laid there like a slug, it was his only defense.

Ellie loved her costume, especially when we painted her face pink. We weren't able to get all of the pink face-paint off last night. Her face is still stained a bit today, too. Hopefully it'll go away soon. Any suggestions?



  1. I love Ellie's costume it is so cute...and I love how she was posing like one...she seems like she is just a happy go lucky girl!

  2. I love how Cutie laid on the floor! That is a riot.

  3. If Ellie stays pink, its a good color on her. Nice job on the pumpkins and the kids are adorable!

  4. Those kids are sooo cute! By the way, boys typically take a little longer to walk, they are lazy, with a few exceptions. Gavin didn't walk until 15 months because he didn't have to. Just how those adorably silly boys get. Happy Halloween! And Cutie protesting on the floor is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  5. Love both the costumes. It is funny how cutie just laid there. Sounds like a fun night.

  6. Ellie was so happy to be pink, before she even said trick or treat to me she had to say, "I am pink, do you like it? My mom did a great job." So cute.

  7. We saw Jason and Ellie out Trick or Treating and I loved Ellie's costume. Seriously, one of the cutest I saw. So fun.

  8. Love the costumes! Ellie's especially! I would have to agree with everyone else, that picture of Cutie laying on the floor is so funny!