Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Parachute

Tonight we played with a parachute Jason constructed. Complete with a little guy attached. (Yes, he's a genius.) Jason and Ellie took turns throwing it off the rock wall in our back yard.

I love the faces Ellie makes when she throws it. It's totally involuntary, too.

Cutie thinks he can climb the wall. He cannot.

It was pretty cold and windy outside this evening, and we didn't want to stay outside very long. Ellie was ready to move on to something else, but Jason talked her into playing with the parachute for a few more minutes. His argument? "But it's fun and awesome." Well, I'm convinced!


  1. That rock wall of yours sure does come in handy doesn't it?! You guys do all sorts of things on that wall!

  2. I'm sure the parachute did well last night - it was so windy. I'm proud of you guys for braving the cold for "fun and awesome" adventures. We are hoping to be in a house in Salt Lake Nov. 1st. We will have to have to get together when we do.

  3. That is such a guy argument! lol... I love it! Cutie is so stinking cute and Ellie really is mini Heidi. By the way, I laugh when I get tired too. Gavin gets silly and when the 2 of us are tired, watch out.