Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feats of Engineering

One of the many things I love about my Engineer-Husband is how excited he gets about nerdy things. He and Ellie recently made eraser guys to replace their carrot heroes, since they weren't able to stay around much longer than a day. The eraser guys have gone on many adventures, and will last a long time. As long as Ellie stops biting chunks out of them, that is.

One evening, Ellie and Jason took the eraser guys outside and made a zipline for them. It extended all the way from our back fence to the house. Naturally, this brought our neighbor boys (Grayson and Cullen) out to play. (I apologize for the lighting in these pictures. )

They tried a few times to get the eraser guys to go down the zipline. They just wouldn't go fast enough, so Jason made an adjustment to the line:

It still didn't work quite like they had in mind, so they got heavier toys (stuffed animals) and sent those down. Success! This is the Scientific Method in action, folks. Of course, by that time it was dark and cold and we had to come inside.

I love that Jason has a job that fits him so well. He has always been an engineer I think, and I'm pretty sure his parents would agree. It makes me laugh when I catch a little glimpse of him as a 7 year old. For example, when he comes home from work and empties all of his "treasures" out of his pockets. He's always got little screws and random machine parts and various other objects that he collects throughout the day. Granted, this can be a tad annoying as I need to find a place for all these items, but it still makes me smile. I imagine him as a child walking down the street and picking up string from the gutter. It's the same way with his treasures now. The man can make something amazing out of nothing. And for that I really admire him.

Case in point, our new door. Jason constructed this door for the top of our stairs. The baby gate we had there was incredibly annoying. So he built this on Saturday. Brilliant.
It still needs to be painted. But you can still get the idea of his genius.

Here are a couple pictures from Sunday morning. When Ellie woke up to the snow, she declared she needed to go on a "Winter Adventure". This consisted of getting decked out in her winter clothes, going outside and eating snow. She also played with her sand toys in the snow for a while.

Then she came in for hot chocolate.
A girl after my own heart.


  1. Ok, I just laughed out loud at the zip line for the eraser pals (sorry I can't remember what you guys named them). That is just so funny. You guys seem to have a lot of fun at your house.

  2. I love the new gate/door- what a great idea! Our baby gate is buggy too, I'm glad you found a great alternative.

  3. That little baby gate/door is a fantastic idea! That little Cutie is adorable. He was so much fun in church. I love how he scrunches up his nose when he smiles. It's so cute.

  4. Hi Heidi! I didn't know you were a blogger too! Check my blog out! Ellie is so cute! I'm adding you to my blog list too!