Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gardner Village Fieldtrip

Today we went to Gardner Village to see all the witches for a field trip for Ellie's preschool. All the kids and moms were able to go (as well as some extra kiddos). It was a BEAUTIFUL day (70+ degrees!). The cute kids were all dressed up for Halloween and we had a blast walking around and discovering the darling witches. By the way, how is it possible that I am old enough to have a child going on field trips?! When did that happen?

Here's Ellie the Flamingo and Amelia the Souka (sp? She's a girl Jedi. That's all I know). We drove with Amelia and her mom and Cutie sat next to Amelia. He was TERRIFIED of her face make-up. If she ever turned her head in his direction, he'd immediately start screaming. Poor kid.
He did enjoy patting the rock wall, though.

Here are our preschool kids: Ellie (she ditched the costume by this point it was "too sweaty"), Amelia, Ethan, Izzy, Noah and Garrett. Fun witches are brewing up something in the background.
This was my favorite witch, her feet were pedaling the bike and the movement was pretty lifelike. The kids were almost convinced she was real.

We finished off the day with darling cupcakes made by Noah's mom, Lindsay. For some reason, Ellie refused to hold this so I could take her picture. She was fine with me holding it for her. And she was fine with holding it while she ate it. Go figure.

Another fun fall day. I love this time of year!


  1. Hey, that was a fun day! I found your blog on Stacy's so I wanted to drop in. I LOVED Ellie's singing debut by the way! That is Noah's favorite song too.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I love Gardener Village. Love the flamingo costume too!

  3. I think we will have to go check out Gardner Village next year. It looks like so much fun.