Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fancy Day, Ensign Peak, Daddy-Daughter Date and the Pumpkin Walk (whew!)

Ellie had a "fancy day" on Friday. Most days are fancy for her, but this day was something special. It was beautiful outside, worthy of putting on a tutu and dancing.

Worthy of rolling around on the grass giggling.
And worthy of laying around watching for airplanes, birds, and to see what forms the clouds took.
All while wearing a tutu, of course!

Because it was such a glorious day outside, we felt we needed to soak up some of the warmth for the long winter ahead of us. So we hiked to Ensign Peak. Neither Jason or I have ever done this famous little hike, despite having lived around here for our entire lives. It was the perfect outing for a lovely fall day. Ellie hiked the entire way, just under a mile round trip but pretty steep for 4-year-old legs (Yes, she is still wearing her leotard. She did decide to ditch the tutu for the hike. They are not very practical hiking attire).

Cutie, as always, just loved being outside.

Ellie was pretty tired by the time we got to the monument at Ensign Peak. I explained to her that the plaque on the monument is magical. If you are tall enough to touch it 3 times, it will fill you full of energy to hike back down all by yourself. Luckily she was just barely tall enough. She had to rest a few times on they way down, but she made it! We're so proud of our hiking girl!
Is that considered a lie? The way I look at it, we all have a little "magic" inside ourselves. It helps us do hard things, and this was a way to help Ellie find hers. I may be justifying that a little, but it worked.

Once we got home, Jason and Ellie and a Daddy-Daughter Camping Date. They set up the tent in the backyard, loaded it with goodies and slept out there. I made them take the camera to document all the fun.

As you can see, they really "roughed it". Jason used an extension cord to hook up his laptop, and they watched Sleeping Beauty and ate popcorn. Jason even took a lamp out so he could read after Ellie fell asleep.

I am so grateful to be married to such a good man. I love the fun activities he plans for Ellie, the way he is constantly looking for ways to help me and the hard-working example he shows us. He's incredible!

While watching Sleeping Beauty, Ellie found it hilarious when Merriweather makes her "mad face". Here's Ellie impression:

She's saying "Ooooo!"

See the resemblance? Merriweather is in blue.

Here is my favorite photo from the night. Jason's Merriweather impression:
I learned something during the Daddy-Daughter date. I have been reading Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Take Your Breath Away; every October I read a scary book in honor of Halloween. Most of you probably know that I do NOT do well with scary movies. Apparently, I also do not do well with scary books if I have to sleep by myself because my husband is in a tent in the back yard. I'll remember that for the future.

Saturday was the annual Pumpkin Walk at the Historical Museum.

Ellie went as a skunk and Cutie was a puppy.
He doesn't like to wear the hood.

It was a fun little festival. They had a blacksmith, and some goats wandering around.
This goat was trying to make a break for it.
Ellie, as always, was excited to pet the goats. Cutie was satisfied with just looking.

We tried some Dutch oven food, got a pumpkin balloon, went fishing for candy, bobbed for apples (okay, the guy in charge of the apple bobbing just came over and handed us some apples) and got to take a big pumpkin home. It was a fun time, despite the kids being pretty grumpy.

Once Cutie got his apple, he was good for the rest of the afternoon. At first, he just scraped the skin off with his teeth and spit it into my hand. Once he got most of the skin off, he went to town on the apple. Have I mentioned he's a good eater?


  1. I want to kiss Cutie's chubby cheeks!!!! Ellie is sooo mini Heidi. What a fun weekend you guys had. Your family is so beautiful!

  2. I have to agree that Ellie is mini-Heidi. How is your "cutie"? He's adorable!

  3. Fun times. I love the campout in the backyard. We did that a couple of weeks ago, when it wasn't so cold. Did they both stay warm enough?

  4. That looks like so much fun. When I was little we use to camp in the backyard too. Ellie and Cutie are adorable.