Friday, September 5, 2008


Ellie started preschool on Wednesday. We have a group of 6 kids and their moms that all live in our neighborhood and we're each taking a turn to host preschool for a week (every six weeks). Ellie has been THRILLED to start school. At least right up until the day before she started. She told me, "Mom, I'm really excited about preschool. I can hardly wait! But I'm also a little worried." She was nervous about me not being there. Once she got to her friend Garrett's house for the first day she forgot all about her worries. As we walked home, I asked her if she liked preschool, "Yep!" Are you still worried? "Nope!".

On the way home from school. I think we might need to get her a bigger back pack. (Note the cute cheeks sticking out!)

Ellie also had her cute friends, Ally and Whitney over this week. They had a tea party, played school, played hide-and-seek, climbed our rock wall, ate popsicles and generally wore themselves out.

Somewhere in all that fun, they got a hold of my camera. Here is the result (Christie, that is such a cute picture of Ally I thought you'd like to see it) :


  1. I do love that picture of Ally. Don't be surprised if I steal it and put in on my blog. Thanks again for watching the girls. It sure sounds like they had a good time.
    I'm also glad that Ellie is enjoying preschool. She's so funny. I love the constant cheek action although I hope she finds a way to hide when she gets older. For now though, it's so cute!

  2. Ok, I CANNOT believe Ellie is starting preschool....has it really been that long?? Last time I remember she was just starting to say a few colors!