Monday, September 8, 2008

LOTOJA weekend

This weekend Jason participated in a bicycle race from Logan to Jackson (LOTOJA--pronounced low-to-juh). In years past he has done the entire 206 miles himself, but this year he was one of 5 men on a relay team. He was chosen to do the section with the most climbing; from Preston to Montpelier, Idaho. We camped Friday night in Preston, at another RV/campground. Luckily this place was MUCH closer to what we had in mind than the last one.

Ellie and Cutie played while we set up camp. Our site had a lot of open space and a river flowing right through it. We also had a cute swing.

Cutie didn't stick around much longer after this. He'd much rather sit on the grass and try to eat it. Fiber, right?
For dinner we had one of our favorite camping meals. Pizza sandwiches! I know it sounds weird, but they are delicious! We make them in a cast-iron sandwich maker over the fire and they are similar to grilled cheese sandwiches except that you add pizza sauce and toppings. Heavenly.

We learned something about Cutie. Cutie is not a happy camper. Cutie is more of a screaming-all-night camper. We didn't sleep well, and because of the exhausting night we ended up sleeping in a bit. We didn't have time to pack up before we left camp, so we hurried to drop Jason off so he wouldn't miss the start of his leg of the relay. Then I had to come back with our two grumpy kiddos and take down camp all by myself. (Actually it wasn't all that horrible. I just like to tease my cute husband. He felt really bad.)

Jason "took a little tumble" during his ride. Another rider's shoe slipped out of his pedal and he swerved in front of Jason. In order to avoid T-boning the other rider, Jason grabbed his brakes a little too hard and ended up with his rear wheel in the air. He went over his handlebars and landed hard on his left elbow and hip. He is fine and was able to finish his portion of the race. He has some bruising on his elbow and hip, but the thing that's bothered him the most is his quads. We think he may have pulled them somehow as he was flying through the air. I don't often think of how dangerous cycling can be, and I feel very blessed that his injuries are as minor as they are. (For those of you who were wondering, his bike is also fine. It got scratched in a couple of places, but is still fully functional). The funny part of the story, at least to me, is this: Jason always wears a heartrate monitor when he rides his bike. After he got back on the bike after his "tumble", his heartrate had shot up by about 20 beats per minute. He was shaken up, but as far as crashes go, this turned out as well as it possibly could have.

After the race, we drove to Rexburg to visit Jason's Grandma Max. It was a fun visit, and I can't believe I didn't take one single picture while we were with her. I could kick myself! She made a lovely dinner for us and we enjoyed catching up and hearing about when she used to run races. She was fast! Grandma Max is one of those people who makes you feel like you are her favorite grandchild (or grandchild-in-law) when you are with her. I'm sure each of her grand kids would say they are her favorite. We love spending time with her and don't get to see her often enough.

After Rexburg we drove to see Jason's other grandparents, the Munks. (In case you were wondering, this was a LOT of driving for one day.)
Grandpa Munk is a wheat farmer. He owns 3200 acres in a tiny town called Howell in Northern Utah. Ellie was very interested in learning about planting and growing wheat and her Great Grandpa was excited to tell her all about it. Here they are talking about what a tractor does.

Jason's aunt Leslie is very good with kids. Ellie had a blast playing with her this weekend. Here they are playing cars. Ellie is driving the car and Leslie is the pedals.

Ellie is the pedals now.

We spent Saturday night in Howell and woke up to this:
I must admit that the thought of living in a place like Howell is very intriguing to me. I'm not sure how well I'd do in the middle of nowhere, but I love the idea of a simpler life. For now we'll just try to simplify our lives here in the "big city".

This is Grandma and Grandpa Munk's house. Grandpa built it himself from a kit.

After church we went to see Judi and Brett's house. They have numerous animals and breed dogs, horses and pot-belly pigs to sell. Ellie was in heaven as we walked around visiting all of their animals.

Chickens and roosters...

Dobermans with their ears newly cut (that's why they are wearing the party hats. It trains their ears to grow upward).
Feeding a horse...I can't remember its name now. But I do remember that it kicks over its' water container on purpose. That's going to drive me crazy...I think it starts with an S.


Here's Cutie and Jason looking at the pigs.

This is Brett; he is really sweet with Ellie and she really took to him this trip. He showed her the animals and told her all about them.

I can't believe how comfortable my girl was petting a goat. Where does she get that? I certainly didn't pet the goat!
Brett fed a baby cow from a bottle while we were there. Ellie loved watching but was not interested in holding the bottle.

She did get very close, though. I love the long eyelashes on both Ellie and the calf. Sweet Ellie just loves animals!

Cutie just loves being outside.

Once we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Grandpa took us on a ride on his cart. He uses this electric cart to get around the farm. And let me tell you, he's a pretty crazy driver. Not really, but kind of. We had fun on a tour of all the machinery they use to grow, harvest and clean wheat.

Just in case you didn't notice in the above picture, here's another:

Yup. I chopped my hair off. (Sorry for the blurriness...I'm not good at taking pictures of myself).

In other fun news, yesterday was our day to host preschool for the first time. We learned all about secondary colors and the letter B. Here are our cute kiddos with their Balloons covered in pictures of things that start with the letter B. It was a fun afternoon, and I was surprised at how quickly the 2 hours went by.
Amelia, Izzy, Noah, Garrett, Ellie and Ethan. The funny thing is that they lined up tallest to shortest without being asked or doing it intentionally.

We had a wonderfully busy weekend and loved spending time with Jason's grandparents and other family. Thanks for the fun!


  1. Cute hair!! Who did it?? I am glad you had fun even through the sleepless nights, all the driving and the sore hubby.

  2. I've thought SO many times how much my kids would LOVE a day with Grandma and Grandpa in Howell when we get back! I'm so glad you got to make the rounds to everyone and congrats to Jason on not killing himself on the ride! Cute hair, by the way!