Saturday, September 20, 2008

48 quarts of peaches on the wall, 48 quarts of peaches....

Actually, they are on the counter. But I'm pretty sure there are SOME peaches on the wall. (Canning is messy!)
Yesterday I canned 2 bushels of peaches, for a grand total of 48 quarts! That is the most I've ever canned in one day, and it wore me out! My sweet mommy came to play with the kids for a while early in the day and that helped a TON (thanks, Mom!). It was still a very long day. I started at about 10am and the last batch of peaches came out of the canner at 7:38pm. I did Round One of clean-up last night; but everything feels sticky still. I'm estimating that all the stickiness will be gone from the kitchen around a week from Tuesday. But, we have a huge amount of peaches! And I still have one more bushel that I'm going to dry and make into fruit leather. Yum!

My poor kiddos were a little neglected yesterday. Here's Cutie playing in some boxes. What's better for a rambunctious baby than empty boxes? Somewhere during the day he lost his shirt. I'm pretty sure it was covered in peach juice. But really, the whole day is a blurr.

Sometime during the afternoon, when I had a moment to break out of my peach-induced stupor, I noticed that Ellie's face was incredibly dirty. Such is the life of the child of a Canner.

Poor children.

Here is the end result:

I always like to leave the jars on the counter for a day or two to admire my work. Plus, I'm just too pooped to put them away!


  1. HOLY COW! THAT'S A LOT OF PEACHES. Why do I feel like singing? "Millions of peaches, peaches for free..."

  2. I'm so sad I've been missing all of this! I'm so excited for your little adventures with Cutie possibly another tiny one! And I'm jealous you have grass! We need to take our families for a hike up AF canyon one day now that's it's cooler and the leaves are changing. How 'bout it?

  3. Well Kristi you aren't the only one whose first thought was that song.

    Heidi I am so impressed by your initiative, the only thing better than fresh peaches is home canned peaches. Jared's parents lived by a peach farm in Ridgefield and his mom used to go up there and get them, can them, serve them fresh with cream and always homemade peach cobbler...yummy!!

  4. Hey- for some reason I put you on my google reader and it never put you on that you updated so I feels totlly out of the loop with what has happened in your life! Bu that is awesome that there is possiblities that you might be able to keep this cutie and might have one come!! I love you sand pit in the back you will have to show more picks of your backyrd that looks like so much fun with a fire pit and all! I m glad things are going while! Enjoy your peches!

  5. WOW!! You go!!! I can't believe that you were able to stay awake long enough to can all of that. And, I am so looking forward to when you can for all of us in the neighborhood. I just hope that mine turns out ok.