Sunday, August 31, 2008

Swiss Days and other fun

The girls in my family have a traditional Girls trip every year. As members of the Timpanogos Literary Club (I don't remember who made up this society, but she did it because she wanted to be able to list herself as President of something in her obituary. Since then the most recent woman in our extended family to die has been named President of the Timpanogos Literary Club), we meet at Swiss Days in Midway. Scholarships (usually around $10) are given to all the college-aged girls and awards are announced. Several members of my extended family have listed positions within the Timpanogos Literary Club on their resumes. It's a fun excuse to get together, shop, eat wonderful food and stay up way too late. This year we were completely kid-less except for the child my sister is growing:

Here she is checking her blood pressure. Her last little one was born much, much too early due to toxemia, so Kristi is religious about checking her blood pressure. I'm happy to report that she has made it 2 weeks past the point where little Cougar was born. Sure, she's uncomfortable. But we'd really rather have a baby that's "fully cooked".

We were too busy having fun for me to get many pictures. I never even got one of all of us together. My cute Mama and 3 of my sisters and I stayed in Park City Friday night. And here are a couple of pictures of Swiss Days.

Nikki and Lindsay. Silly girls

Here's Prego, Lindsay and me. I really am taller than my younger's just Okay, I admit it. I'm not taller.

Cutie discovered the Tupperware cupboard today. It was a wonderful time for all.

I can't get enough bathtime pictures of my little ones. Ellie has always loved the bath, and Cutie is happy to jump right in with her. He likes to sit right by her, prompting Ellie to say, "[Cutie]! I just need some space!"
Ellie and Jason had a big pillow fight this evening (when he was supposed to be getting her ready for bed). They took turns hitting each other. And as is always the case, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt and is hit in the head with a big couch pillow and knocked into the wall and bonks their head. Guess who got hurt. Luckily, she did recover quickly.

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  1. I was thinking about you this weekend. I was up above Kamas camping and we drove through Heber to get there and saw all the Swiss Days signs. I am glad that you had fun. Did you buy something cool this year like you have in the past? Can't wait to see it.