Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our favorite things, Lake Powell style

Lake Powell is one of my favorite places on earth. My extended family has
gone there every year for longer than I can remember. I thought I'd share some of our favorite things about this annual trip(most of these are in no particular order):

#1: The number one greatest thing about Lake Powell is time together with family. We have a lot of down-time to talk and get to know each other better. That is by far what I look forward to most.

Ellie and Grandma and Grandpa Great

#2: A very close second, at least for me, is water-skiing. I LOVE to ski. This is my one chance each year to get pulled behind a boat with only one little fiberglass (is that what my ski is made out of?) board strapped to my feet. When I put it that way it doesn't sound as fun as it really is.

#3 Relaxation. We have nowhere to be and nothing that needs to be done (of course there is cleaning to do and meals to cook, but with 25 people around to help, those jobs seem pretty easy. Especially because my mom and dad have been doing all the cooking for the past couple of years. You are awesome and so was the food! Yum!). There is a lot of time for reading, playing games, getting sunburned, family swim time, tube wars, playing in the sand and playing with cousins.
My dad taking a nap.

Uncle David (my little bro.) reading to Ellie and Cougar
Hannah's house of cards (I love that her tongue is sticking out!)
My sister Nikki got pretty sunburned this trip.

Ellie and Cougar playing on the houseboat.

The above picture is a pretty common sight in the hot afternoons at Lake Powell. One or two people will go in for a swim and before you know it there are 20 people in the water chanting your name as a suggestion that it's your turn to go down the slide. These family swims often turn into something like this (watch Uncle Doug in the following pictures. I think he's winning the Tube War):

Everyone wants to be on the tube at the same time.
Right now it would appear that Caitlin is winning...
Whoa! How'd he get up there so fast? Watch out Caitlin! (I don't remember exactly what happened, but I'm pretty sure Caitlin ended up in the water in the next, oh, 11 seconds).

#4The food. I can't believe I didn't get any photos of the food. This trip is basically catered by my Daddy. The food was amazing, and not in short supply. It was hard to have to come back to reality and cook my own meals. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

#5 Kids sleep well. If I could get Ellie to hold still for 30 seconds, she was automatically asleep.
Kristi and Cougar asleep after a huge tantrum (Cougar threw it, not Kristi. Though I'm pretty sure she was close to joining in...)There is nothing like holding a sweet sleeping little one on a boat ride. That really is one of my all -time favorite things about being a mommy at Lake Powell. I don't get to snuggle Ellie while she's sleeping very often. This time, my sister Katie got the honor.

#6 Cousin time. There is no shortage of cousins/siblings/aunts and uncles to play with.

Cougar, David, Tessa and Ellie on the tube.

By the way, the girls you see with white stuff smeared all over their faces are not actually Geisha's-in-training. It's Desitin, and it feels WONDERFUL on a sunburn.

Nikki, Emma and Caitlin on a crazy tube ride.Another crazy tube ride. This time Lindsay joined the group. It's hard to get 4 people on a tube this size!

Cougar was not happy about me taking their picture.

#7 Animals. This trip was pretty good for wildlife. Our campsite had dozens of little toads like this one:
The kids spent a lot of time catching them. At one time, I think they had 17 little guys. Of course we let them all go. I only hope none of them had lasting damage. Sometimes little hands are not as careful as they should be.

There are always plenty of fish around. Most of the fish this year were pretty little. We also had a ton of tadpoles at our campsite.
Fishing with Grandpa.Little fisher-woman.

My cousin , Caitlin, claims to be afraid of fish. This picture makes me think otherwise. She is feeding a scary gas-station carp bread with her mouth.

This family of 9 ducks would come to visit us every morning for breakfast.
Lindsay and Ellie feeding the ducks. It looks to me like Ellie has a mouthful of the duck food.

#8 Trying new things. The first couple of days, Ellie was scared of both the jet-skis and a tube ride behind the boat. By the end of the trip she was talking about her ride on the tube; teaching everyone the boat signals for faster, slower and cut it; and begging for jet-ski rides from anyone who would listen.
Ellie and her Momma on the tube.
Practicing saying, "Hit it!"

To help her feel more comfortable with the jet-ski, Caitlin and Megan put Ellie on it while it wasn't running. Not long after this she let me take her for her first slow ride.

#9 Making Memories. One of my favorite memories of Lake Powell as a child was riding at the bow of the boat. I loved being at the very front and am still convinced that's the best place to ride if you like to feel the wind in your hair and the bump of the waves. Ellie experienced that for the first time this trip.

Do you think she liked it?

The only thing we didn't like about the trip was how hot it was. It was around 90 degrees when we'd go to bed at night. Too hot! It was so hot that a plastic bag with a design on it, if left in the sun, would melt and leave the backwards design on your leg. Don't believe me? Ask Caitlin. She discovered this when the bag of bread she was using to feed the fish brushed up against her leg and gave her a reverse Sara Lee tattoo.
That's hot!

#10 Melons. No trip to Powell is compete without a stop in Green River, the Melon Capital of the World. Yum yum!

In short, we had a fun-filled trip. A week full of playing in water and sand, with family. Is there anything better? Maybe a nap in the car on the way home.

ps--The reason there are no pictures or mention of my sweet husband is because he wasn't able to go with us this year. He had to stay home to attend his last week of Calculus 2. He got 100% on his final exam. I tell you, the man's a genius! We sure missed him, though.

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