Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Day

Today started off with a nice bath for Ellie. Since we've been watching the Olympics so much lately she insists on wearing her swimming suit and goggles in the tub. She "swims" from one end of the tub to the other and then we celebrate her victory. She's just like Michael Phelps; she wins every time.After a quiet morning, our first full block of church since our ward split and a new calling for me, (Enrichment Committee. Fun!) we came home for a relaxing evening.

We have a temporary fire pit in the backyard (we'll put a real one in there eventually...) and we roasted hot dogs for dinner. We were going to roast mallows, too. But we only had mini-marshmallows. Ellie and Cutie didn't mind.

Here is our latest harvest : tomatoes, tomatillos, Anaheim peppers, bell peppers and jalapeƱo peppers.

Cutie tried SO hard to eat those tomatoes whole. He was trying to bite one like an apple, but his little teeth just couldn't cut it. (hee hee, CUT it! Get it?) He loves our home grown tomatoes and I can't blame him. Delicious!

Our garden on steroids. We're having our best year yet!

Did I mention we've been watching the Olympics? Ellie found the perfect makeshift podium on our rock wall today. She made me present her with a gold medal (one of mine from Cedar City) and stood there proudly while I shook her hand and took her picture. That's her proud-yet-humble athlete smile.

Hey, that looks like a lovely spot for me to sit with my man...I think I will.


  1. Hi Heidi! I hope you don't mind, I found your blog through the Hardey's. Your back yard looks great! I think I may need to hire you to grow my garden next year. I've never done it...and it terrifies me!

  2. That backyard looks absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the fire pit and the garden boxes! Oh, the joys of a backyard. I love that you are enjoying it so much!