Friday, August 15, 2008

A new Cutie and a tea party

I accidentally left my camera at my parents' house last weekend. I've never realized how many pictures I take until now. I won't have it back until next week, but I was able to borrow a camera so I could update ya'll on a few things.

On Tuesday afternoon a bundle of joy was delivered to our doorstep. We've got a darling little 10 month old boy staying with us for a while. Because of the kind of foster care we do and for the babies' safety, and ours, we've decided not to post their names on the blog. I totally understand if that drives you nuts, it would for me! Feel free to email me if you feel you are loosing your sanity over the lack of names for our Cuties. (Also, for those of you who don't know, we are not permitted to talk about anything relating to their backgrounds or why they are with us.) But we CAN tell you all about how cute they are.

And this guy is CUTE. He's also huge. It is nearly impossible for me to hold him, or be in the same room with him for that matter, without kissing those cheeks. Repeatedly. Man, he's cute. Cutie and Ellie get along really well. They have had a blast crawling all over the house together. He makes kissy noises to get Ellie's attention (I wonder if that has anything to do with the several thousand kisses he gets from me every day...) which cracks her up every time. We really enjoy having him in our house.

Ellie's Grandma Great (Rosalie) recently had a birthday. I asked Ellie what she wanted to do to tell Grandma happy birthday, and she replied that we simply must have a tea party. So we invited Grandma and Grandpa Great over for a lovely Tea Party complete with fancy hats, dresses, dainty sandwiches and a little tea set.

Happy Birthday Rosalie!

The Greats even brought a hostess gift for Ellie, which she was delighted with. A darling little book and a puzzle of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. She took it apart and put it back together several times that afternoon.

None of us are looking at the camera in this one...that's how it goes around here, though. I consider myself lucky I got these two to hold still long enough for Grandma Great to take a photo.

Now that Ellie and Cutie are in bed, it's time for me to go back to my latest addiction: the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics! As we're watching, Jason frequently looks over at me to make sure I don't need a tissue. For some reason, watching Olympic feats makes me weepy. I'm pretty weepy anyway, but it is unusual for me to cry at commercials. It IS! But those VISA athlete commercials get me every time. Go USA!


  1. A tea party? What a great girly thing to do! Looks like a blast! And, I can't wait to get our girls together now more than ever now that they are so into the same stuff! Fun to have a boy in the house. Aren't they FUN?

  2. What a cute little guy. He seems very happy and smiley. The tea party looks like a blast how fun. I have cried watching the Olympics too and even commercials. Well I am done working we need to get together sometime.

  3. He is darling. It's been a while since you've had a new cutie. Enjoy him while you can.
    I love the tea party too. So fun. You're so good to do that. I would try to distract my kids if they came up with that bday idea and redirect them with a new easier idea. You are fabulous!