Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's better than a pile of dirt?

After waiting 3 long years, we were finally able to do some work on our back yard this year. Jason worked for years doing landscaping and he and his brothers put in our sprinkler system last week. We then raked for hours and days and filled the trenches back in and got rid of as many rocks as we could (without taking away our whole yard). On Thursday 2 loads of topsoil were delivered. Is there anything better to a 3 year old? Ellie and her friends climbed and dug and played in that pile for hours. You should have seen the ring around the bathtub when she got out!

Queen of the Mountain.
Notice that she's even got dirt in her EYEBROWS! How did that happen?Gotta love those feeties. (Does anyone know why that picture is sideways and how to fix it?)
On Friday morning, sod was delivered. Friday afternoon some very dedicated neighbors came to help us spread the topsoil. One over-achiever (Ryan) decided we could just get the whole project, including laying sod, done in one day. Apparently he wasn't excited about coming back again the next day. We worked like crazy and got it all done. I swear, people in this area have a sixth sense for sod laying "parties". Before we knew it, we had about 15 people helping us. They just came out of nowhere, and we thank them. Thank you!

We worked until well after dark but got it all done! I think we came inside around 10:30 (the munchkin, too). Ellie and her friends traded in their dirt pile for a dwindling pile of sod to sit on.
Ellie with Grayson and Brooklynn, sitting on the palates of sod. (Wow! It was DARK!)

While were were working and could hardly see, I was worried about what we'd find the next morning. I was imagining we'd go outside and find huge areas of uncovered dirt or some other sod malfunction. But this is what we woke to:

Grass!! Now comes the hard part: staying off it for 2 weeks. But at least it's there. We can look out the window and dream about playing on it. (By the way, that uncovered area in the corner of the wall is not a mistake. It's going to be a fire pit. Yay!)

As we were finishing up laying the sod I asked Ellie if having grass in our back yard was better than a big pile of dirt. She enthusiastically said yes and I wholeheartedly agree.


  1. I love it, it turned out great. You will have such a fun yard. The fire pit will be awesome too! By the way, thanks for letting Brooklynn come over and play in the dirt with Ellie. She had a blast.

  2. The yard looks great! How nice that Ryan is such an over achiever and helped get it all done.

  3. That is so great this is where we hope to be a week from now, looks great!

  4. Yay for grass!!! By the way. The feeties picture is probably sideways in your "picture library" I imagine you're using windows if so go into my pictures and find it then right click and find the right rotate button (clockwise vs. counter clockwise) and if you've already tried that. Sorry, I'm out of ideas.