Monday, July 14, 2008

Wash with soap and water....wash with soap and water....

This is my mantra right now. Ellie is having a blast painting a "treasure box" we made out of papier mache and I am reminding myself that all the paint she is spreading all over the house will come off. Wash with soap and water...wash with soap and water...

In hindsight, it was probably not a good idea for me to post those pictures while Ellie was still painting.

I went upstairs to find this:

I don't feel like the photo does the mess justice. Mostly because I was not aware of the extent of the mess when I took the picture.

Incidentally, baby wipes (lots of them!) worked very well to clean the paint off my wood floor, table, chairs, and walls. Hopefully the paint is also out of the carpet. Yes, she left a trail of little pink footprints down the hall when she took a potty break.

As we were cleaning up Ellie sighed dramatically, "Mommy? WHAT are you going to do with me?" I can't be mad at her, that's for sure.

Uh oh...things just got quiet. Where'd she go?


  1. Oh My! What WILL you do with her? She still makes me laugh every time I see her. Thanks for bringing her into the world. She is a very entertaining child!

  2. I'm amazed that's all that happened when you left a 3 year old and an open paint container in the same room, alone. You're much braver (is that word?) than I am.

  3. What are you going to do with her? You can always send her to my house so her and Liv can get into trouble together. She is a very mischevious child, I love how every time you turn around she is up to something, like a few weeks ago when I turned around in my kitchen and I hear, "What are you making? I want a snack"...."Ellie, where did you come from, does your mom know you are here."

    She never ceases to crack me up and amaze me at the same time.

  4. Ellie is so cute, I agree. Sometimes as mad as you want to be you just have to take a picture and laugh it off. Brooklynn is getting more and more into things. She now moves chairs over and climbs on the counter to find candy. Oh! Ellie, what are we going to do with you?