Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swimming at Grandpa Great's

I have many fond memories of swimming in my Grandpa Kimball's backyard pool as a child. I can vaguely remember jumping in over and over when I was about Ellie's age. I love being able to help her make memories of her own. We had a blast yesterday afternoon at our monthly Kimball-family get together.

I was surprised at how comfortable Ellie was in the water. She swam all the way across the pool several times, all by herself. She and my cousin, Tessa, played for a long time. Tessa is so cute with Ellie and was patient and helpful.

Tessa in her goggles.

Ellie and Tessa found some squirt guns and went to town. The only way you could be safe from the "squirts" is if you went inside or held a camera.

A hot summer afternoon at Grandpa's pool...there's nothing more a little girl could ask for.


  1. Silly me, I just realized that for some reason my Google Reader feed wasn't working and you have posted a TON since you first started! It's so fun to read about what you're up to! What fun adventures you guys are having: swimming, hiking, parading! Congrats on the gorgeous lawn, and how fun for Ellie to be starting preschool! Where is she going? She'll LOVE it!

  2. So much fun. Looks like the parade was a lot of fun too, even though Brooklynn isn't in primary I thought about going but we had a lazy start on Saturday. Ellie will love preschool, where are you taking her?