Sunday, July 20, 2008

Primary Parade

Yesterday morning, our Primary held a kids' parade to celebrate July 4th and Pioneer Day. We were all able to go. Ellie rode in the wagon she decorated with white streamers (along with her faithful doll, Pink Baby).

This is the best shot I could get of all the kids "together". We got spread out pretty quickly. Everyone made it back to the starting point for popsicles, though.

At one point, Ellie got a hold of the camera . This is what I found when we got home:

I love that girl!

Ellie and her cute friend, Amelia. These girls play well together and will be in preschool together in the fall. Ellie can hardly wait for that, by the way. She tells almost everyone we meet, "I'm going to school in the fall when I'm not quite four."

I'm glad we were able to attend this activity. Our ward is splitting today, and this was a good send-off for our friends we won't get to see as often.

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