Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

To celebrate Pioneer Day, we all got up early so Ellie and I could attend the Sunrise Service at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. I asked Ellie the night before, "How do you feel about getting up really early tomorrow to go to a concert?" She thought for a minute and said, " Tired...and a little grumpy. But I want to go."

The service turned out to be a little different than I planned. I thought it would be all music, but Elder Tingey spoke to us for a few minutes. Halfway through his remarks, Ellie said (loudly, of course)," This is SO LONG!" For the most part she was well behaved and we both enjoyed the music. I enjoyed what I could hear of Elder Tingey's talk, too.
I've always loved the Assembly Hall on Temple Square. Maybe it's because of all the times I've been able to sing there with one choir or another, but I think it is a beautiful building. It doesn't get nearly enough credit in my opinion.

I chased down three members of the Mormon Battalion so I could take their picture. They presented the flag at the beginning of the service. Aren't they cute?

After the Sunrise Service, we walked to Liberty Park to meet Jason and our friends, the Braggs. We love Jimmy and Becky Bragg, they are some of our most favorite people. I always leave our get-togethers with tired face muscles from laughing so hard. Jimmy was running the Deseret News Marathon, so we joined the rest of his cute family at the finish line to watch him come in.

There was a park right by the finish line. Of course we had to take a few minutes to work out all the energy Ellie had stored up at the Tabernacle.This is Ellie and Nico Bragg. They are such cute friends and play well together. Ellie is always thrilled when she gets to play with Nico and then she'll talk about their adventures for days afterward.

Jamon, Becky and Jimmy's little guy. He was content to be outside and watch people and munch on the strap of this chair.

Jimmy crossing the finish line. We are so proud of him! His goal was to cross the line "before they take the clock down", and he finished well ahead of that. Great job, Jimmy! Running a marathon is a major accomplishment (especially when it's 100+ degrees outside and you had to get up at 2 am to be there. Yuck!) and we were so happy to be there to see you finish.
Back to the cuties. The Days of '47 Parade finished at Liberty Park, as well. We were able to see some of the floats and all the big military vehicles as they came to the end of the parade route. Ellie and Nico were thrilled to see all the "princesses". Nico has the beauty queen wave down already! I got more of a kick out of watching these two watch the parade than anything else. I guess that's all part of being a mommy.
Jason and Ellie shooting off parachute firework thingys. Yes, Ellie is wearing snowboots. I have no idea why.

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  1. Happy Pioneer Day! I'm glad someone could celebrate it! Ellie and Nico look like such cute friends. And, I totally agree about the Assembly Hall, it is a gorgeous building and hosts to so many events, yet some people don't even know it's there! Hope you had a great trip to Lake Powell!