Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Canyon Is Calling

The canyon is calling with soothing refrain;
The valley is seething with heat.
The young of the forest are roving again
in the depths of their mountain retreat.

I long to rest there in the shade of the trees
And drink from the brooklet so cool,
With mind and with heart as completely at ease
As lilies that float on the pool.

The song of a thrush and the whiff of perfume
Caught up by a zephyr of air
Would bring me respite from the heat and the gloom,
I long, how I long to be there.

The canyon is calling with wild luring strain;
A chant that the wood fairies know.
I cannot ignore it, resistance is vain
The canyon is calling, I go.

--Hannah Cropper Ashby (my great-great Grandma!)

We decided to try the Cecret Lake trail again yesterday morning. It was heavenly to feel the air temperature change the farther we drove up the canyon! The day was beautiful and perfect for a hike. Ellie was decked out and ready with walking stick (made by her awesome daddy), sparkle hiking shoes, sunglasses and hat.
The wildflowers were out in full force. We saw hundreds of different species, and the farther up the trail we went the more we were able to see.

Once we arrived at Cecret Lake, we took some time to throw rocks; one of Jason's all-time favorite activities. We spotted a few fish--or what we thought were fish-- in the water.

Just as we were leaving, Jason caught one with his bare hands. As it turns out, they were salamanders, not fish. Or maybe they were newts. Anyone know the difference? Regardless of what it was, Ellie was very sad when we had to put her new friend back in the water.

On our way back down we saw a couple groups hiking up the trail and all the kids had some kind of salamander/newt catching net. Apparently they'd been there before. It was a beautiful hike and we were very glad we decided to give it another try. Ellie walked most of the 2 miles (roundtrip) and only complained a little bit. We love living so close to these mountains and all the wonders they hold!

(Stay tuned next week for an update on our trip to Lake Powell...we leave tomorrow!)

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  1. Mark says "The way you tell the difference between a newt and a salamander is...Newts don't exist in Utah." So there you go. Now you can tell the difference:)