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  1. Hi Heidi,

    I am wondering if you have the clip art images available for If I Listen With My Heart? I downloaded the flip chart pages, (Thank you) But I would like to do a puzzle board for this song as well using your images that you have on the flip chart. Let me know if this is possible.

    Amand Bartel

  2. My name is Shauri Quinn Dewey. I am LDS, have a 3 year old daughter, and live in Washington, DC.

    I wrote a book with my father, Robert Quinn, called Letters from Home. It will be published on Aug 9 by Cedar Fort, and we are really excited about it. The book addresses some really relevant issues to the LDS family, and mom in particular. It tells the story of our family's mission letter-writing experience. The way my dad changed how he wrote and slowly brought the whole family in to the process over a 10 year span as 5 kids went on missions. It shows how by changing the way you write to your missionary you can bridge the gap and help overcome the loneliness, how you can support the missionary in a really important way (to the missionary), and how you can open up your communication to a whole new level, all while building a stronger relationship with the Lord. It also includes 25 letters at the end that my dad wrote to missionaries when he served as mission president in Australia that help parents understand some of the challenges (like anxiety and depression) that they face, possible solutions, etc..

    Would you be interested/willing to blog about our book around the time it comes out and help us get the word out? Our website is still being tweaked, but you can check it out at I'd be happy to get you a media folder with a copy of the book if you are interested.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Hello Heidi,
    I love your embroidery patterns! I clicked on a link that I thought was going to take me to your free nativity patterns. Do you still have those?
    Thank you,

  4. Hello Heidi,
    I love the black and white flip charts. they are the BEST!!!!!! the instillation are simple and adorable. I was wondering if you had thought about doing the same thing with the Articles of Faith. It would be a great help to the little ones that can't read yet.
    Thank you for sharing your talents

  5. Hello Heidi,

    I love your blog. I want to try some of your patterns.

    Something you might love, the new LDS Crystal Temples. Made of crystal and gold.

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