Friday, March 2, 2018

Free Cozy Watercolor Illustrations

You may live somewhere where spring is fast approaching.  In our neck of the woods, we're hunkering down in preparation for a huge winter storm (yay!) so this download is timed perfectly!

I have always adored adding little illustrations to my journals. Even as a child I cut and pasted little magazine pictures into my journals, and then as a teenage I put them up over every single inch of wall space in my bedroom.  Adding a visual element to the words I write makes my heart happy.

Today I have a little collection of illustrations for you to download.  I'm calling it "Cozy".  It features all the sweet little things we tend to love about wintertime: a roaring fire, a giant puffy quilt, hand knit mittens and socks and scarves, a piping hot beverage, a cozy little home.

I cut out the individual illustrations to glue into my journal, but you could also use the full page as a print to hang in your home.  Or you could use them to decorate a card or envelope to send to a friend.

A sweet little celebration of all things cozy.

It will hopefully add a little warmth and joy to your home, or your journal/scrapbook, as we face these last few weeks of winter.

PS--I am also using the awesome 52 Stories journal prompts from Allison Kimball scattered throughout my journal, you can see one of the questions above.

Download here.

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