Friday, July 21, 2017

Scripture Sketchnotes: Love

Next up in my Scripture Sketchnotes series is a study on LoveI so enjoyed this study and all the beautiful words I came across as I learned more about the topic of love.  I'm delighted to be able to share this free printable with you today. 

It features 12 doodled designs based on some of the scriptures I studied.   Click ADD TO CART below to download the page of scripture sketchnotes.

A few ideas for how to use these FREE sketchnotes:
  • Print on sticker paper, cut out the individual notes and add them to your scriptures or scripture journal.
  • Print on regular paper, color and cut out the individual notes and glue/tape them to your scriptures or scripture journal.
  • Have your children color them while you read to them. 
  • Using a light box, trace them into your scriptures.
How do you plan to use these pages?  I'd love to see them in action!

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Also, I have a full set of Love Scripture Journal cards in my Etsy shop.  (21 different cards, sized 3x5")  Perfect for coloring and adding into your journal or scriptures!

Hand-lettered and illustrated to add beauty to your scriptures, journal, scrapbook, cards or letters. Includes 21 different cards featuring different designs + 3 blank cards so you can add your own illustrations and hand lettering.

Print the cards on card stock and color them in your own beautiful style. Or trace them directly into your scriptures or journal.

Individual cards measure approximately 3x5 inches. Grab them in my Etsy shop.

I'd love to see your completed pages! Please tag me on Instagram @a.lively.hope so I can see what you've been making!

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