Friday, March 3, 2017

Five Things for Friday

1-- Potty training.  I'm a big believer in waiting until kids are more than ready to potty train.  I would much rather go on changing diapers forever than have to deal with accidents constantly.  So we waited months past the time Elijah started giving signs that he was ready to potty train.  And in the end my method of waiting (laziness?) proved effective once again.  I feel like all I had to do was put underwear on the kid and he was set. We bought him some underwear and a package of skittles.  We had one relaxed day of practicing running to the potty and he's had only a couple of accidents in the weeks since we switched to underwear.  One of them I'm taking full credit for because I tried to fit in just one more errand before a potty break and he didn't quite make it. He sleeps hard and isn't quite trustworthy with underwear through the night yet, but I'm so pleased with how he's done so far. Laziness pays off once again!

2-- My husband is pretty awesome.  (I'm sure I've mentioned this before...) He's a 3D printing genius and has recently printed us all fully functional ukeleles.  They have been SO fun to play around with and I love learning this new instrument along with my kiddos.  Our favorite song right now is Someone to Lava.  Jason and I both got a little teary the first time we saw it.

3--I have recently gotten back into sending real letters.  I was a letter-writing fiend as a teenager, but somehow that love fell away as I became more busy as an adult.  Ellie has recently discovered a love for letters as well, and her excitement has reminded me of how much joy I used to receive from letter-writing. One of my goals this year is to send more letters and (if possible) to make them pretty. I participated in a Pretty Postal Swap and plan to do that again.  I've also started writing to friends who live far away.  There's nothing quite like the joy of finding a pretty envelope in the mailbox and I'm loving spreading that joy around a little bit.

4-- Ethan received his 3rd Tinker Crate this week.  The past two boxes he's asked Jason to help him build, but with this one he dove right in and completed all on his own.  He was so proud of himself! He spent hours happily working on it, tweaking and building and rebuilding.  Such a fun thing to see!

5--I'm particpating in Meet the Maker on Instagram this month.  I'm excited to share a little bit more about myself and my little shop.  I'd love to hear from you!

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