Friday, March 24, 2017

Five Things for Friday: New in the shop, Lazy St. Patrick's Day, + a Homeschool resource we're loving

1) New in the Shop!  I released my new "Saltwater" Pattern last week.  I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.  If you purchase it, I'd love to see how yours turns out! Tag me on Instagram or send me an email to share your work!

2) Jason purchased a new-to-us typewriter this week, so now we've got two.  And what fun they are! The Big Kids (as they are known around here)  sat down together to write notes to each other.  And Ethan is constantly leaving little love notes for people, neatly typed (but reminding me to make spelling more of a priority for him.  Any suggestions for spelling helps?). Makes me happy.

3) I shared this for Day 19th of # MarchMeetTheMaker on Instagram.

Day 19 of #marchmeetthemaker // Helper//
This guy is my biggest supporter and strongest encourager. He is Listener to all of my (many, many) crazy ideas, Fixer of all things broken, Wrangler of children, Adventure Partner and Swaddler of babies. He celebrates victories with me and knows exactly which treats to buy. He's the first person I think of when I have a funny story or a heartbreak to share. He even has apps on his phone for all the local art/craft stores so he can use a coupon when he stops in to pick up something for me. (Swooooonđź’•) After over 16 years together, it just keeps getting better. 

4) I am not a huge holiday Mama.  And that's only gotten more pronounced as we've added more kiddos to the family. I like to keep things simple.  So when the kids woke up on St. Patrick's Day this week and were wondering how we were going to celebrate, I had to pull something out of my hat quickly. Green food coloring + sprinkles in our morning oatmeal, check.  Kite + shamrock cookies + seeds for the garden hastily purchased while the kids were home making leprechaun traps, check.  It was a hit! Good thing my little people are easily impressed.

5) We have been using Crash Course Kids to learn a little bit more about Space.  They are engaging and informative and funny.  We all love them. (This is not sponsored in anyway.  We just love the videos and I thought you might, too!)

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